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Meet Our Pregnancy Professionals

Natasha Sidoti

Qualified Practicing Naturopath

Natasha Sidoti is a qualified practicing Naturopath, with a bachelor’s degree in Health and Clinical Sciences (BHScNAT), from Endeavour College of Natural Health. She possesses a wealth of experience through her private practice in Sydney and has a particular passion for the rapidly expanding science on the gut microbiota. Over the years, Natasha has worked in both clinical practice and education, offering gut health training to Integrative Doctors and health professionals.

Natasha uses targeted diagnostics along with her unique insights and expertise, blending scientific knowledge with traditional medicine to assist clients to establish whole body health. She draws on evidence-based modalities including diet, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation and emotional healing in a holistic approach to optimal health.

Working With Perdays

Natasha joined the Product Advisory Board in 2023 to assist with product formulation and lend her expertise to product development. Passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering people to make positive steps towards vitality, Natasha can be found regularly engaging the Perdays audience with her warmth and infectious enthusiasm.

“Our gut health is under daily pressure – now understood as central to all parts of our wellbeing.