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Meet Our Pregnancy Professionals

Gerald Quigley

Pharmacist, Herbalist

Gerald is a respected community pharmacist and master herbalist. His joint qualifications give him a unique holistic view of health and he was become well known for his practical advice for both men and women across a variety of health topics Gerald hosts of the house of wellness podcast and is Fellow of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia and a Fellow of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

His passion is to empower each person to make sensible health decisions, and to continually maintain and improve their quality of life.

“There are very important aspects of any supplement, firstly is the formulation should be based on current evidence secondly is how well it’s formulated from an absoption capacity. There’s no point just swallowing a supplement if you don’t get the value from each nutrient. And the third aspect is the trust and integrity of the brand itself”