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Meet Our Pregnancy Professionals

Angelo Di Sapia

Naturopath, Ingredient & safety Expert

Angelo is a true leader in his field of naturopathy.

A health and wellness expert, he is university trained and has obtained a wide breadth of knowledge in the complimentary medicines industry over his 15+ year career. His expertise spans clinical practice, product design, research, education, quality, and manufacturing.

Angelo works with Perdays to assist in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and creating highly efficacious supplements.

Working With Perdays

His experience working with Australia’s regulatory body, ‘The therapeutic goods association’ helps Perdays ensure our products meet and excel Australia’s high safety standards.

“Its vital that we continue to update our pregnancy supplements regularly because the body of research globally is continually being updated with new science. We need to harness and capture that new science and put into our products that we develop”